3rd Cyber-Physical Systems Symposium, 15 and 16 July 2019


CyPhySS is a single track symposium aimed at bringing together leading researchers and industry experts to share the recent advancements and the upcoming challenges in the area of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), with a special focus on the following areas: Robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, and CPS in socio-technological systems.

The Symposium featured the following talks:

  • Foundations for fair algorithmic decision making.
  • Diffusion of automation technologies and their potential and actual effects on manufacturing employment in India.
  • Can we nudge farmers into saving water? Evidence from a randomised experiment.
  • Computer vision for indian roads: Challenges and Directions.
  • Cooperative UAV-UGV planning for large scale mission.
  • Has modern ML been a game changer for robotics?
  • Flexible, 3D-printed robotic systems for surgical interventions.
  • Cooking robots.
  • Skill learning through programming by demonstration.

The talks were followed by an Industry session & Tutorials.








Some of the symposium lecture videos can be found here –