Category: Health

A portable fever kit for Dengue and Chikungunya

The project aims to develop a proof of concept molecular test which can differential between the viral infections of Dengue and Chikungunya. The research program will also focus on integrating a sample preparation module with the photonic sensors to produce a cartridge-based test that will operate using a single finger stick capillary blood sample and be as easy to operate as a conventional blood sugar meter.

Affordable and robust E.Coli biosensor development for rapid detection of faecal contamination in water

Globally, 1.8 billion people use drinking water sources contaminated with faeces, and this is a leading cause of diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Fecal coliform bacteria indicate the presence of sewage contamination of a waterway and the possible presence of other pathogenic organisms. High fecal coliform counts in water indicates that it contains other possible pathogenic strains which can bring about diseases like Typhoid fever, hepatitis, gastroenteritis, dysentery and ear infections. As per WHO guidelines, no fecal coliform should be present in drinking water. Thus, early and rapid detection of fecal coliform bacteria in drinking water with high sensitivity and accuracy, by using an affordable and robust biosensor will help government bodies to take preventive and precautionary measures to avoid health hazards in a community.

A smart manufacturing test bed for biomedical devices

The project proposes to develop a smart factory test bed for research in the area of smart manufacturing at the systems engineering level, for biomedical device applications. The test bed will allow collection of real-time data from all five elements of a factory (people, part, tools, processes, and environment) mainly for the following factory functions: inspection, assembly, rework, and testing.

A BioCPS approach to understand and control gut-biology (CyberGut)

Diarrheal diseases cause nearly 3,00,000 infant and child mortality in India. The Gut plays an important role in diseases as disparate as diabetes and autism. To augment animal models for the gut-epithelium with engineered in-vitro models using gut-on-a-chip and active scaffold platforms and conduct studies to sense, effect, and control cellular responses.