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Course CodeCourse TitleCourse TypeCreditInstructor/sDate of First ClassLecture Time SlotMode of Class (in person/online)Classroom LocationMeeting/Class Link (if any)Other link related to the courseLink for Report submission(If Any)
CP 210SeminarCore0:1Prof Pushpak Jagtap W 17-18Online TBA  
CP 230Autonomous Navigation & PlanningCore2:1Prof Debasish Ghose/ Prof Pradipta Biswas4-Jan-2023MWF 12-1In personRBC (Next to board room)   
CP 315Robot Learning & ControlSoft Core2:1Prof Shishir N Y10-Jan-2023T/Th-2:00-3:30 PMIn personRBCCPS Class room   
CP 260Robotic PerceptionSoft Core2:1Prof Bharadwaj Amrutur4-Jan-2023MWF 2-3pmHybridRBCCPS Class room  
CP 275Formal Analysis & Control of Autonomous SystemsSoft Core2:1Prof Pushpak Jagtap3-Jan-2023T-Th: 3:30-5:00pmIn personClassroom 2 (Management Studies Annexe)   
CP 316Real Time embedded SystemsSoft Core2:1Darshak Vasavada
Prof Pushpak Jagtap
4-Jan-2023MWF 11-12In personRBC next to board room Teams link: 
CP 218Theory & applications of Bayesian LearningSoft Core2:1Prof Punit Rathore5-Jan-2023T-Th (11:30am to 1pm)In-personCiSTUP Class Room 
CP 280Experimental Techniques for Robotics & AutomationSoft Core1:2Prof Suresh Sundaram/Prof Bharadwaj Amrutur09 Jan 2023MWF 9:00 AM-10:00AMIn personAE Classroom   
AE 372Applied Optimal Control & State EstimationSoft Core3:0Prof Radhakant Padhi5-Jan-2023T-Th, 11:30-1:00In personAE 107   
E1242Non-Linear Systems & ControlSoft Core3:0Prof Pavankumar Tallapragada5-Jan-2023T-Th, 11:30-1:00In personEE B-306 
E1277Reinforcement LearningSoft Core3:1Prof Shalabh Bhatnagar/ Prof Gugan Thoppe       
E1244Detection & Estimation TheorySoft Core3:0Prof Vaibhav Katewa3-Jan-2023T-Th: 2:00 – 3:30 pmIn personMP-20 (ECE) Course Webpage: 
BE218Computational EpidemiologyElective3:1Rajesh Sundaresan / Vijay Chandru3-Jan-2023T-Th: 3:30 – 5:00 pmIn personMP-30None 
ME 232Applied Dynamics IIElective3:0Andy Ruina , Jishnu Keshavan11 AM on Wednesday January 4, 2023MWF 11AM-12 NoonOnline initially (until end of January)TBDZoom Link