CPS 312: Robot dynamics and control

Course coordinators Shishir N.Y. Kolathaya and Shalabh Bhatnagar
Background This graduate course will explore the dynamics and control of robots, both from a foundational level together with a view toward application. In particular, the course will first build the necessary mathematical framework in which to understand dynamic robotic systems, including: Rigid body transformations, forward and inverse kinematics, forward and inverse dynamics, stability and control, Lyapunov functions and barrier functions for robots. Hybrid dynamical systems will be introduced as means to model walking robots, and the extension of continuous nonlinear dynamic and control concepts to a hybrid setting will be discussed.
Topics covered Configuration spaces, task spaces, rotation groups, rigid transformations, forward and inverse kinematics, forward and inverse dynamics, holonomic and nonholonomic constraints, Lyapunov stability, feedback linearization of robotic systems, safety in robotic systems, control Lyapunov functions, control barrier functions, hybrid systems, hybrid modeling and stability of bipedal robots.
Prerequisites Students must be well versed with basic mathematical concepts like linear algebra and classical analysis. Suggested courses are MA 219 and MA 221.
Credit hours This will be a 3:0 credit course. The class will meet thrice a week for a duration of 1 hours each.
Assessment Midterm: 25%

Homework: 25%

Project reports and presentations: 25%

Final exam: 25%

Reference textbooks Recommended Texts (these will help greatly with the course content):

Murray, Li and Sastry, A mathematical introduction to robot manipulation, CRC Press 1994.

Spong, Hutchinson and Vidyasagar, Robot modeling and xontrol, Wiley 2005.

H. Khalil, Nonlinear systems, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall 2002.

Supplemental Texts:

A. Ghosal, Robotics: Fundamental concepts and analysis, Oxford 2006.

S. Sastry, Nonlinear Systems: Analysis, stability and control, Springer 1999.

Timings Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 4.30-5.30pm (starting on 3 August) in the Robert Bosch Centre, 3rd Floor, Entrepreneurship Building, SID [Map].