Impressions of Open Day 2020

Impressions of Open Day 2020

Thank you all for visiting us on IISc Open Day 2020 which was held on 29th February 2020!

Here are some impressions of our exhibits at RBCCPS:

Humaniod Hand – The gesture imitating humanoid hand is a servo controlled arm interfaced with Leap Motion controller to replicate the movement of human hand. The Leap Motion sensor acquires the static gesture joint coordinates of human hand and thereby converting to vectors. The vector orientation of each finger bone is obtained and the angle is calculated between these two vectors. The angular movement of each servo motor associated with each finger is based on this calculated angle which given to the microcontroller through serial communication. This can be applied to tele-manipulation, and dexterous task.

Step Up To Light Up – This is a modest project to visualise the principle of piezo electrics for kids. Piezo electric is a class of smart material, given a dynamic force, there will be voltage developed across the perpendicular axis. So, the kids were allowed to tap the piezo so that the light is lit up the wings to relish in the joy of smart materials.

Walking Robot – RBCCPS has a custom built four legged robot (quadruped) called “Stoch”. The main goal is to explore deep-reinforcement learning algorithms to achieve a wide variety of walking behaviours. The quadruped must be able to plan and navigate over a diverse set of environments like flat plains, undulating and slippery surfaces, and also muddy terrains.