The Makery is RBCCPS’s ‘maker-space’, where tools and machines are brought together under one roof to bring our ideas and concepts into reality.

As an interdisciplinary centre, we rely on all engineering areas to assist, realise and verify the kind of applied research activities undertaken here. In the Makery, the RBCCPS team designs and builds various kinds of customised systems or improves existing equipment based on the research requirement. For example, a drone prototype called “Raven” has been designed and constructed using our 3D printing facilities, simulation software, and our expertise in carbon fiber assembly. Currently, this prototype is being optimised for long and stable flight time, and a customised PCB has been developed to minimise the need for extensive cabling in the drone.

The Makery is also home to the RBCCPS walking robot “STOCH”, which has been constructed here. Its algorithms have been developed in the Makery – first in deep learning simulations and later tested on the robot platform.

Furthermore, the hardware of our Smart Energy research – the online IV tracer, smart switch and intelligent electronic device – have all been developed in the Makery and first prototypes have been built here.

A brief overview of the basic tools and machines:

  • Manual and power tools
  • SMPS power supplies
  • Batteries (Lead-acid, Li-ion, Li-poly) and chargers
  • Electronic instruments (Oscilloscope, soldering station, signal generator, LCR meter, etc.)
  • Development boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266)
  • Modules (communication, motor drivers, display, sensors, analog modules, etc.)
  • Sensors and actuators
  • ICs & discrete semi-conductor devices
  • Electronic passives (Resistor, capacitor and inductor assortment)
  • Motors (DC, DC geared, RC servo, DC servo, stepper, BLDC) and motor-drives
  • 3D printers