Mohamed bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge, organized by Khalifa University

Mohamed bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge, organized by Khalifa University

Since its launch in February 2015, MBZIRC has gained worldwide fame and emerged as the country’s largest robotics competition. Over 570 media outlets covered and circulated news about the first edition of the challenge, held in February 2017, in 12 different languages. The reputation of MBZIRC has reached that of global competitions such as DARPA, which is considered as one of the strongest competitions at the international level in terms of difficulty and the value of the awards.
IISc-TCS team has qualified for the finals of the MBZIRC 2020 robotics competition. The finals will be held on 23-25th February 2020 and the symposium on 26-27th Febrauary 2020.
MBZIRC is a global robotics competition that aims to provide an environment to foster innovation and technical excellence in robotics, while encouraging spectacular performance with robotics technology.MBZIRC 2020 will consist of three individual Challenges and a triathlon style ‘Grand Challenge’, focusing on robotics solutions in a smart city applications. Safely neutralizing stray drones, construction automation, and urban fire-fighting will be the key challenge focus areas for MBZIRC 2020. MBZIRC 2020 will address key application challenges such as security, civic emergency response, and construction automation.
Challenge 1 requires a team of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to autonomously track, locate and capture hostile UAVs. Challenge 1 is motivated by UAV safety.

Challenge 2 requires a team of robots (UAVs and unmanned ground vehicles – UGVs) to collaborate and autonomously locate, pick, transport and assemble different types of brick shaped objects to build pre-defined structures, in an outdoor environment. Challenge 2 is motivated by construction automation.

Challenge 3 requires a team of UAVs and UGVs to collaborate and autonomously extinguish a series of simulated fires in a simulated urban high rise building. Challenge 3 is motivated by the use of robots for urban fire-fighting.

The Grand Challenge requires a team of robots (UAVs and UGVs) to compete in a triathlon-type event combining aspects of all three categories. As in the inaugural edition of the Challenge, MBZIRC 2020 will take place in an outdoor, open, arena(s) approximately the size of a football pitch.

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