Machine Learning Lab at IISc

Machine Learning Lab at IISc Banglaore under Prof. Chiranjib Bhattacharyya is looking to hire for the post of Project Assistant and Project Associates.

Selected candidates will work on solving research problems currently involving computer vision, drones, ADAS, self-driving vehicles. This position is for full-time employment and a suitable stipend will be given to the candidate.

The positions are as follows for individual projects:

Drones: Indoor Navigation – Candidate is expected to have good hands on ROS, Hardware and Systems Engineering. However ,there is ample option under this project to work on Machine Learning/Deep Learning related application for Drone Navigation(eg. Computer Vision related problems and several other exciting areas). 1 position available.

Autonomous Navigation of Ground Vehicles – Candidates are expect to have good experience of Machine Learning/Deep Learning related projects. Hands-on, on ROS, projects on Autonomous Vehicles using SLAM/LIDAR is a huge plus. We will be working on projects related to SLAM for Autonomous Vehicles, problems/challenges relates to Object detection in Images and other challenges/improvements for Autonomous Vehicles. 2 positions available

Masters Candidates are preferred but we are also open for Bachelor candidates with good proficiency in above areas. If you are interested, feel free to mail your resume at,