Short Course: Data visualisation for decision making

Short Course: Data visualisation for decision making

Instructor: Dr. Anand Lakshmanan, Founder and CEO

Venue: RBCCPS, Seminar Hall [Map]

Timings: November 15, 22, 29 and December 6 – 5.30-6.30 pm

Requirements: The course is open to students from all departments and disciplines. Participants are requested to bring their laptop for all sessions.


Session I: Data visualization (DV) for decision making

  • Art and science of data visualizations.
  • Tidyverse and R-programming fundamentals for DV (hands on) programming for non-programmers.
  • How domains experts can benefit from the Tidyverse suite of R tools.

Session II: Data quality analysis using DV (hands on)

  • Importing, transforming, arranging, grouping, summarizing and visualizing your data.
  • Case Study: Manufacturing and time stamp analysis.

Session III: Data quality analysis using DV (hands on)

  • Visualizing missing data.
  • What is tidy data and how to make your data tidy?
  • Density charts and modal diagnostics.
  • Case study: Air quality project.

Session IV: DV types, do’s and don’ts, and summary (hands on)

  • Iterative data visualization.
  • Histograms, barcharts, scatter plots, box plots, facet charts, network charts, and animations and dashboards.
  • DV as a prerequisite for ML and AI.