Siddharth Barman,
Computer Science & Automation,
Research Interests: Design, analysis, and applications of algorithms,  algorithmic game theory, and approximation algorithms

Shalabh Bhatnagar,
Computer Science & Automation,
Research Interests:  Stochastic approximation, with emphasis on algorithms for control and optimization of stochastic dynamic systems, in particular reinforcement learning and simulation optimization

Kunal Narayan Chaudhury,
Electrical Engineering,
Research Interests: image processing and computer vision, with a focus on numerical optimization and fast approximations

Ashitava Ghosal,
Mechanical Engineering,
Research Interests: Kinematics, dynamics, control and design of robots and other computer-controlled mechanical systems, theoretical and numerical investigations of non-linear dynamical systems

Debasish Ghose
Aerospace Engineering
Research Interests: Guidance theory, vision-based guidance, sliding mode control based guidance, collision avoidance algorithms, path planning, trajectory optimization, and multi-agent systems with application to control of UAVs and robot swarms 

Aditya Gopalan,
Electrical Communication Engineering,
Research Interests: Machine learning and statistical inference, control, and performance modeling and analysis of complex systems

Anurag Kumar,
Electrical Communication Engineering,
Research Interests: Stochastic modeling, analysis, optimization and control problems arising in communication networks, computers, and distributed systems.

Anand Louis,
Computer Science & Automation,
Research Interests: Theory of Deep Learning, Algorithms, Randomness

Yadati Narahari,
Computer Science & Automation,
Research Interests: Algorithmic game theory, design of auctions and electronic markets, dynamic mechanisms with learning, crowdsourcingonline education, social network analysis, and blockchains

S. N. Omkar,
Aerospace Engineering,
Research Interests: Satellite Image Processing, Computational Intelligence, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Biomechanics

Radhakant Padhi,
Aerospace Engineering,
Research Interests:  Optimal and nonlinear control synthesis problems, guidance and control of missiles, spacecraft, lunar-lander, aircraft, and UAVs

Tarun Rambha,
Civil Engineering,
Research Interests: Real-time control of traffic networks, network optimization, large scale evacuation modeling, shared ride and transit systems

Ashwini Ratnoo
Aerospace Engineering
Research Interests: Vision-based guidance, path planning in urban terrain, evasion tactics and optimization, UAV formation guidance and collision avoidance

Chandramani Singh,
Electronic Systems Engineering,
Research Interests: Communication networks, stochastic systems, federated learning, optimization, game theory

Rajesh Sundaresan,
Electrical Communication Engineering,
Research Interests: Communication, computation, and control over networks, decentralised algorithms over graphs and networks, network analytics, information geometry

Suresh Sundaram
Aerospace Engineering
Research Interests: Intelligent flight control system, Autonomous System, Applied Game Theory, Computer Vision and Robotics, Machine learning and AI

Pavankumar Tallapragada,
Electrical Engineering,
Research Interests: Control over networks, event-triggered control, distributed systems and control