Welcome to the homepage of the 5th Cyber-Physical Systems Symposium (CyPhySS-RAIS 2021) and the First Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Summit (RAIS). RAIS 2021 is the inaugural annual event that is being organized by ARTPARK in conjunction with the annual symposium (CyPhySS 2021) of the Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems, IISc. CyPhySS-RAIS 2021 will be completely virtual.

The area of cyber-physical systems, AI, and Robotics has made tremendous progress in the last few years, building upon the abundance of data, and large strides in networking, storage, and artificial intelligence technologies. The current Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the need for robotics and autonomous systems in many spheres of our lives more clearly than ever before. For example, the social distancing norms can benefit greatly by the ability to accomplish work with a minimal physical presence of humans, by employing automation, tele-operation and collaborative robotics. On the other hand, there are still large technological gaps in this area, particularly with regard to working in unstructured or dynamic environments as well as interacting with humans in a natural way. CyPhySS-RAIS 2021 will be a single track symposium, and is an attempt to address this gap by bringing together academicians, researchers, and industry experts to share recent advancements and upcoming challenges in this space.
CyPhySS-RAIS 2021 will have a special focus on intelligent manipulation, human-robot interaction, swarm robotics, tele-driving, smart warehousing, avatar robotics, collaborative robotics, and 5G-enabled robotics. The symposium invites students, researchers and the industry professionals to attend the talks, panel discussions, and demo sessions which will be virtual. CyPhySS-RAIS 2021 will also host a PhD Student Forum, where PhD students working in this domain will be invited to present their work and solicit feedback from experts in the field.