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The Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems (RBCCPS) @ IISc is a research and academic centre, under the Division of Interdisciplinary Research in Indian Institute of Science (IISc). The centre focuses on foundational and applied research to solve cutting edge problems in CPS like, Robotics, Connected Autonomous Systems , and Socio-Technical Systems like urban transportation and Smart Cities.

Latest News

RBCCPS contributes to development of BIS Smart City Standards for ICT Reference Architecture and Data Exchange Architecture

IUDX has been successfully spun off as an independent project to pursue deployment in Smart cities

Prof. Vaibhav Katewa received the 2020 IEEE Control Systems Letters Outstanding Paper Award

Dr. Josephine Ruth was awarded the INAE Young Engineer Award 2020


Sony Fellowships for Women Students of MTech RAS for academic year 2022-2023

Sony has already instituted five women fellowships for the current academic year (Details: and is going to provide another 6 for the next academic year: 2022-2023.The breakup of Scholarship amount per[…]

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Alumni Award for Excellence in Research 2022

Happy to announce that Prof Rajesh Sundaresanhas been awarded the “Alumni Award for Excellence in Research 2022”,jointly with Prof Amaresh Chakrabarthy.

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Congratulations- Prof Pradipta Biswas for the UN Leadership position

Heartiest Congratulations !!! to Prof Pradipta Biswas on being officially elected to a vice chair position of ITU Study Group 9. (Incidentally, the first Indian Secretary General of ITU is[…]

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Advanced Air Mobility for Health Emergencies: Seminar on Feb 24, 2022,10:00 AM-3:45 PM IST

Dear AllIISc/ARTPARK is working towards an ambitious  programfor creating a collaborative ecosystem fordeveloping and testing technologies  and  solutions around“Advanced Air Mobility for Health Emergencies.”Towards this end, we have put together[…]

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