Makery is RBCCPS’s Maker space and enables us to make prototypes combining mechanical, electronics, software and algorithmic elements.


This lab is equipped with :

  • Manual and power tools
  • SMPS power supplies
  • Batteries (Lead-acid, Li-ion, Li-poly) and chargers
  • Electronic instruments (Oscilloscope, soldering station, signal generator, LCR meter, etc.)
  • Development boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266)
  • Modules (communication, motor drivers, display, sensors, analog modules, etc.)
  • Sensors and actuators
  • ICs & discrete semi-conductor devices
  • Electronic passives (Resistor, capacitor and inductor assortment)
  • Motors (DC, DC geared, RC servo, DC servo, stepper, BLDC) and motor-drives
  • 3D printers 

Aero faculty are developing a custom wind-shape facility which will be setup in IISc’s airfield. This facility will enable emulating different wind turbulence scenarios inorder to test Drones.

In addition, a campus scale drone testbed consisting of a set of Drone Ports is being setup. The drone ports will provide charging, sensing and navigation facilities.

ECE faculty are setting up a campus scale 5G network testbed to support research in both the communication technologies as well as applications for V2X:  like remote driving, driver assists, driverless vehicles, BVLOS for Drones etc.

We have a collection of off-the-shelf robots as well as Makery-made robots.

The off-the-shelf robots include:

  • Turtle Bot 
  • Yaskawa GP8, 
  • TI’s Robot Systems Learning Kit

In addition, we are custom developing a walking robot platform – the Stoch series.