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Journal Articles
  • Rathore, P., Bezdek, J. C., Santi, P., Ratti, C., ConiVAT: Cluster Tendency Assessment and Clustering with Partial Background Knowledge. IEEE Transactions on System, Man, and Cybernetics (under review)

  • Rathore, P., Zonoozi, A., Geramifard, O., Lee, T.K., Understanding the Dynamics of Drivers’ Locations for Passengers Pickup Performance: A Case Study. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (under review)

  • Milardo S., Rathore, P., Amorim M., Fugiglando U., Santi, P., Ratti, C. (2021). Understanding Drivers’ Stress and Interactions with Vehicle Systems Through Naturalistic Data Analysis”. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation System. (Early Access) [IF: 5.7]

  • Rathore, P., Soni, J., Prabakar, N., Palaniswami, M., Santi. P. (2021). Identifying Groups of Fake Reviewers Using a Semi-supervised Approach. IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems. (Early Access)

  • González-Vidal, A., Rathore, P., Rao, A. S., Mendoza-Bernal J., Palaniswami, M., Skarmeta Gómez, A. F. (2020). Missing Data Imputation with Bayesian Maximum Entropy for Internet of Things, IEEE Internet of Things Journal. [PDF] [IF: 9.5]

  • Rathore, P., Kumar, D., Bezdek, J. C., Rajasegarar, S., Palaniswami, M. (2020). Visual Structure Assessment and Anomaly Detection for High-Velocity Data Streams, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. [PDF] [IF: 10.3]

  • Rathore, P., Kumar, D., Rajasegarar S., Palaniswami, M, Bezdek, J. C. (2019). A Scalable Framework for Trajectory Prediction. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. 20(10), 3860-3874. [PDF] [IF: 5.7]

  • Rathore, P., Ghafoori, Z., Bezdek, J. C., Palaniswami, M., Leckie, C. (2018). Approximating Dunn’s cluster validity indices for partitions of big data. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, (99), 1-13. [IF: 10.3] [PDF] [Code]

  • Rathore, P., Kumar, D., Bezdek, J. C., Rajasegarar, S., Palaniswami, M. (2018). A Rapid hybrid clustering algorithm for large volumes of high dimensional data. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering31(4), 641-654. [PDF] [IF: 3.9]

  • Rathore, P., Bezdek, J. C., Erfani, S. M., Rajasegarar, S., Palaniswami, M. (2017). Ensemble fuzzy clustering using cumulative aggregation on random projections. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems26(3), 1510-1524. [PDF][IF: 8.8]

  • Rathore, P., Kumar, D., Rajasegarar, S., Palaniswami, M. (2017). Maximum entropy-based auto drift correction using high-and low-precision sensors. ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN)13(3), 24. [PDF] [Code] [IF: 2.8]

  • Rathore, P., Rao, A. S., Rajasegarar, S., Vanz, E., Gubbi, J., Palaniswami, M. (2017). Real-time urban microclimate analysis using internet of things. IEEE Internet of Things Journal5(2), 500-511. [PDF][IF: 9.5]

Conference Proceedings

  • Milardo S., Rathore, P., Buteau R., Santi, P., Ratti, C. (2021).. An Unsupervised Approach for Driving Behaviour Analysis of Professional Truck Drivers, in EAI International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (EAI-INTSYS).

  • Datta S., Karmakar C., Rathore, P., Palaniswami, M. (2021). Shapelet Based Visual Assessment Of Cluster Tendency in Analyzing Complex Upper Limb Motion, in International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)

  • Rathore, P., Ghafoori, Z., Bezdek, J. C., Palaniswami, M., Leckie, C. (2018, October). Estimating Generalized Dunn’s Cluster Validity Indices for Big Data, in IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC) (pp. 656-661). [PDF] [Best Paper Award Runner-up]

  • Rathore, P., Bezdek, J. C., Kumar, D., Rajasegarar, S., Palaniswami, M. (2018, August). Approximate cluster heat maps of large high-dimensional data, in 24th IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) (pp. 195-200). [PDF][Code]

  • Rathore, P., Kumar, D., Rajasegarar, S., Palaniswami, M. (2018, February). Bayesian maximum entropy and interacting multiple model based automatic sensor drift detection and correction in an IoT environment, in IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) (pp. 598-603). [PDF] [Second Best Student Paper Award]

  • Rathore P., Bezdek J. C., Palaniswami M. (2021), Fast Cluster Tendency Assessment for Big, High-dimensional Data”. Fuzzy Approaches for Soft Computing and Approximate Reasoning: Theories and Applications, Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, vol. 394. Springer, Cham .

  • Palaniswami, M., Rao, A. S., Kumar, D., Rathore, P., Rajasegarar, S. (2020). Role of Visual Assessment of Clusters for Big Data Analysis from Real-world Internet of Things, IEEE System, Man, and Cybernetics Magazine.

  • Kundu C., Rathore P., Sarkar A., Patra P., Arayana S. A Compact Phased Array Radar System for Burden Profile Measurement in Blast Furnace” Indian Patent, Aug 2021 (Granted), Patent Number: 374891

  • Rathore P., Tiwari A., Patra P., Sistla S. Machine Vision Based Strip Velocity Measurement System” Indian Patent, May 2020 (Granted), Patent Number: 336442

  • Rathore P., Tiwari A., Patra P., Sistla S. Non-Contact, Real-time Billet Rhomboidity Measurement System” Indian Patent, Feb 2014, Application Number: 409/KOL/2014 (Under Review Process)

Industrial Publications
  • Patra, P., Rathore, P., Tiwari, A. (2019). In-Situ Online Measurement of Rhombic Distortion in Billets, International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology, 6(4), 45-52 (in press) [PDF]

  • Patra, P., Rathore, P., Tiwari, A. (2019). Machine Vision Based Hot Strip Speed Measurement System, International Journal of Instrumentation Technology, 2(2), 165-177[PDF]

  • Patra, P., Kundu, C., Ghosh, A., Tudu, B., Bandyopadhyay, R., Rathore P. (2018), A Novel Frequency Shifted Active Radar for Local Position Measurement of Rail Borne Vehicles for Industrial Condition, International Journal of Instrumentation Technology. (in press) [PDF]

  • Patra, P., Kundu, C., Tudu, B., Bandyopadhyay, R., Rathore, P. (2018). A novel method for mitigation of false echo in radar-based positioning system in high scattering zone application areas. International Journal of Instrumentation Technology2(1), 62-77. [PDF]

  • Kundu, C., Rathore, P. (2013, February), Illumination and Speed Invariant Steel Surface Imaging for High Speed Rolling Mills, in 3rd Operating Conference on IT and Automation in Steel Plants at Jamshedpur, India. [PDF]

  • Rathore, P., Tiwari, A., Patra, P., Sistla, S. (2013, October), Yield Improvement by Optimising Transfer-bar Crops through Innovative Speed Measurement” in Tata Search (Technical Report). [PDF]

  • Rathore P. Big Data Cluster Analysis and its Applications , Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Melbourne, January 2019 [PDF]