CPS PhD Programme

Applicants who have been shortlisted for the interviews have been contacted by the Centre on 16 April and can download the interview letter in the IISc Admission Portal starting on 15 April.

Interviews will be on 18 and 19 May 2019. Please see the exact date and time in your interview letter.

In the interview, you will be asked questions in two foundational topics. The following PhD topics (and corresponding foundational topics) are available in 2019:

  1. Data driven robotics (Data Structure and Algorithms + Probability and Statistics)
  2. Wide area optimal control of large power grids with communication delays (Control Systems + Differential Equations)
  3. Development of artificial pancreas device for closed loop blood glucose control (Control Systems + Numerical Methods)
  4. Dynamic modelling and optimal management of air-traffic (Differential Equations + Numerical Methods)
  5. Optimal control with artificial intelligence for autonomous navigation (Control Systems + Data Structure and Algorithms)
  6. Verification of autonomous systems (Discreet Mathematics + Data Structure and Algorithms)
  7. Smart building multi-energy management system (Linear Algebra + Control Systems)
  8. Real-time autonomous navigation in an unstructured environment (Linear Algebra + Control Systems)
  9. Efficient reinforcement learning algorithms for large problems (Probability and Statistics + Linear Algebra)
  10. Inverse reinforcement learning methods for understanding human driving (Probability and Statistics + Linear Algebra)
  11. Resource constrained networked and distributed control (Linear Algebra + Control Systems)